WOW! Joe Biden’s Bizarre Behavior During Signing of Radical Green Deal Bill Has Americans Wondering “Is He Having a Stroke? “ [VIDEO]

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline was put on blatant display on Tuesday during a bill signing.

The President’s bizarre behavior once again calls in to question if he is mentally fit to hold office.

While it is commonly understood that every President has had their gaffes, Biden’s seem to be a weekly or even daily occurrence on a level hitherto unheard of.

Some people will remember when he shook hands with thin air in April after delivering a speech.

In that case and many others, the media ran cover for him and called the embarrassing display ‘misinformation’ that was designed to make Biden look bad.

Was it also misinformation when his wife had to dress him as he stepped off of Marine One last week?

In his latest gaffe, he is seen staring vacantly in to space as he is handing the pen used to sign the disastrous ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ in to law.


The Gateway Pundit Reports



“Democrats ran a dementia patient in 2020 and told us he won 81 million votes.

Democrats could run a mule in 2024 and tell us she won 94 million votes.

As long as Democrats can cheat they can run any decrepit creature alive today – even Nancy Pelosi.

And they know it.

Democrats laugh as they rub their power in your face as they continue to destroy America.
But don’t say anything – or the FBI will come knocking.

Watch Joe Biden in slow motion from Tuesday and ask yourself if this man is all there…”




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