WATCH: Nancy Pelosi ‘Booed & Heckled’ In Deep Blue State!


Nobody likes Nancy Pelosi!

Even in deep-blue New York City, Pelosi was greeted to massive boos from a large audience.

Pelosi’s appearance at the NYC’s Global Citizen music festival was one of her first major outings since her husband Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving conviction.

The House Speaker elicited boos from the crowd as she made her guest appearance at the event.

“Clad in a white pantsuit with a matching scarf, the Democrat was introduced onto the stage of NYC’s Global Citizen music festival by Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas,” Infowars noted.

Even New York City leftists don’t want these corrupt Democrats in town.

Here’s the footage:



Infowars wrote:

As Pelosi, 82, briefly spoke about Congress’ commitment to reduce carbon pollution and tackle climate change, attendees of the event on September 24 appeared to intercept her speech with jeering and booing.

As the California representative extolled plans for “better water and air for our children” and “better-paying jobs and lower energy bills for their parents,” the crowd continued to react loudly, despite some other people heard cheering Pelosi and applauding.

This was one of Pelosi’s first major public outings after her husband’s drunk driving conviction. Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence charges related to a crash on May 28.

Speaking of Nancy, it seems like a good idea to remind you of when this happened…

Why Does Nancy Pelosi Look Drunk As A Skunk…With FOUR Eyebrows?

What in the world?

This is bad even by her standards.

I’m not saying she is 5 sheets to the wind drunk off her *butt*….I’m just asking the question: does this look like a sane and competent member of Congress to you?

Heck, a sane and competent member of society?

Would you let this woman watch your children?

Would you trust her with the keys to your car?


Ok, so the incoherent rambling is bad enough, but we’ve seen that before.

The bigger question is why does she appear to have FOUR eyebrows?


Are you ok?

Look, just watch and judge for yourself right here on Rumble:

What is happening here?

What are we looking at?