THE STEAL: It Happened Again – Votes from Third Party Candidate Disappear From Totals Hours After Being Reported

After the 2020 Election, we found numerous instances where thousands of votes disappeared from President Trump’s column and landed in the Joe Biden column.  This was never addressed over the past few years.  Of course, it happened again in the midterms. 

In 2020 we reported on an incident that occurred in Pennsylvania where votes from the third-party candidate mysteriously disappeared and appeared to move to the Biden column.

Remember, we are not dealing with honest people.  The Democrat Party is now the party of communists.

Vote switches happened again in this election.  Ms. Diane Sare was the Independent candidate for US Senate in New York.

On election night, third-party candidate Diane Sare lost more than 25,000 ballots in the New York Senate race.

Ms. Sare also reported additional reductions in a tweet on Wednesday.  Sare commented that in one county she identified nearly 6,000 votes decreased from her totals by the morning of November 9, the day after the election.

The voting machines used in the 2020 Election were still in use in this election.  If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Is the Republican Party part of the election steal?  This must be considered since they say and do nothing about these obvious election anomalies.