Republicans Have Officially Won the House of Representatives: Nancy Pelosi You Have Been FIRED!

Republicans have officially secured the House of Representatives and have control, thus finally firing the worthless Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi being in her 80’s is officially retired now!

The GOP secured 218 seats needed to win the majority in the lower chamber of Congress, a move that was much harder than expected for the conservative movement in America. Many expected a massive red wave as Joe Biden’s first two years along with the Democrat controlled House and Senate has been a disaster for the American people. Wide open borders, empty shelves, millions of lost jobs, record inflation, record high gas prices, war in Europe with Russia and the Ukraine, North Korea firing missiles again, China threatening Taiwan, shall we go on?

The fact the Democrats did well is a combination of ballot harvesting on steroids and the fact that conservatives have done NOTHING to usher in school choice and to stop the liberal indoctrination of children in K-12 public schools. 91% of kids in America are in public schools, and 95% of teachers are liberals. Even scarier 98% of college professors lean left or claim to be liberal. In the 2022 midterms more than 70% of those between the ages of 18-29 voted Democrat, showing there’s much more than fraud to fix for the GOP.

The Republican Party is now projected to win between 218 and 223 seats in the 435 seat House, according to CBS.

With the pathetic counting and voting system now installed in the Democrats ran America, we may not know the actual number of seats for days or weeks experts predict.

Kevin McCarthy, who was elected by rank-and-file Republicans to be their nominee to replace Democrat Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House on Tuesday, celebrated having “officially flipped” the chamber.

Sadly today Mitch McConnell led by a push by RINO Senator Tom Cotton has been re-elected as the leader of the GOP in the Senate as well. What a disaster for America.