Prepare for the Most Expensive Thanksgiving EVER Experts Say [Insane Prices Inside]

Last year under President Joe Biden set the record for the most expensive Thanksgiving on record, but on Joe Biden’s watch, no record is safe.

According to the experts that records going to fall this year.

Look at these spikes in prices.

Thanks to Biden, this Thanksgiving is shaping up to be the most expensive on record. Check out these insane numbers from inflation and prices.

Turkey: +21%

Stuffing: +69%

Rolls: +22%
Sweet Potatoes: +11%
Russet Potatoes: +23%
Green Beans: +25%
Peas: +23%
Pumpkin Pie Mix: +18%
Pie Shells: +26%
Whipping Cream: +26%
Milk: +16% Ham: +7%

Other items such as eggs are up 43% compared to a year ago, while butter and margarines are up whopping 34%.

According to Wells Fargo agribusiness analyst Brad Rubin, this will be the first time ever it will be cheaper to dine out for Thanksgiving than to dine in.

What else can you say America, but Let’s Go Brandon!