Marjorie Taylor Greene STUNS Supporters: Backs McCarthy for House Speaker, Says It’s a ‘Bad Strategy’ for Other Republicans to Challenge Him

In a stunning turn of events, America First and MAGA candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene has said she will back House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in his bid to be House Speaker.

Green said that she feels it’s a “bad strategy” for Republicans to go against him.

“Well, I actually think that’s a bad strategy,” Greene said on Monday.

“Well, I actually think that’s a bad strategy when we’re looking at having a very, razor-thin majority, with potentially 219. We’re talking about one vote,” Greene said on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast about reports of House Freedom Caucus Republicans, such as Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, considering challenging McCarthy.

The overwhelming of America First and MAGA supporters to not want Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker, nor do they want Mitch McConnell as the GOP leader of the U.S. Senate.

They’re also wanting the removal of Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna McDaniel as RNC Chair, which Lee Zeldin, Congressman from New York now looks poised to make a run at. Zeldin just lost to Kathy Hochul in a very tight race in New York, and helped flip the DCCC chair as well as the New York State Legislature to red.

It’s very, very risky right now to produce a leadership challenge, especially for speaker of the House,” Green said, claiming that some moderate Republicans could join Democrats and propose outgoing Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming as House Speaker, a move that would enrage most of the nation. Cheney was obliterated in her re-election bid in Wyoming.

Cheney, a staunch critic of former President Donald Trump, lost her reelection, but could technically become House speaker if she receives enough votes, though such a move is uncommon.

“We have to take charge, we have to be unified, we have to lead with a purpose and we have to fix our issues inside our conference,” Greene, who won her reelection in Georgia by double-digits, added.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz looks to be leading the charge to upend Kevin McCarthy’s bid as House Speaker, along with America First Congressman Andy Biggs now claiming he wants to be Speaker of the House.

What are your thoughts folks, do you agree with MTG?