Jan. 6 Prisoner Alfredo Luna, aka ‘AlphaWarrior,’ Tells His Unbelievable Story of Outlandish Government Overreach and FBI Corruption

Alfredo Luna enlisted in the United States Marine Corps shortly after he watched in shock and anger the tragic events of 9/11.  Not only did he enlist, he chose to enlist as an 0311, or a “rifleman/infantryman”, a job with all but guaranteed combat implications given that dreadful September morning.

When Luna left the Marines, he became a cop where he continued to serve his community valiantly in Southern California for 14 years.  He earned the Medal of Valor during this time.  The Medal of Valor is the nation’s highest award given to public service officers.

So what did Luna do?  Murder?  Gang-violence?  Trafficking?


All of this was over  “controversial” tweets.  Luna was not in Washington DC on January 6th.  He has never been arrested or charged with any crime previously.  He has no history of violence.  He was the recipient of the nations highest honor for public safety officers, the Medal of Valor.  What they’re doing to him is an abomination.

There is so much more to this story including implications that could destroy the January 6th Sham Committee.  You must listen to this podcast (begins at 3:15 mark):