“I Got Her!”: Tulsi Gabbard Just Went Nuclear On Nancy Pelosi, Forces IRS To Audit Pelosi’s Finances After Sending Her $600.01 On Venmo

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been above the law for a long time. One could argue it began long before she ever became a politician. Her father had many connections to Mafia organizations throughout Baltimore, especially notorious mobster Benjamin Magliano.

Her husband, Paul Pelosi, has been linked to numerous controversial investments that have brought in millions of dollars for the couple. Nancy has never had a job outside of politics. Her career began as a volunteer and turned into the Speaker of the House position.

Somehow, a political career in which salaries are not that high has turned into a net worth somewhere in the amount of $120 million. In 2009, she reported a net worth of approximately $21 million. In thirteen years, that has risen to nearly $100 million.

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How does a career political gain $100 million in that time frame? It is puzzling until you connect the dots. President Obama took office in January 2009. It is perfectly understandable how a yearly salary of $223,000 turns into well over a hundred million dollars.

According to Forbes, beginning Jan. 1, 2022, third-party payment network providers will be required to send users a 1099 form Payment Card, and Third Party Network Transactions for transactions made during the 2022 tax year. The new tax requirement will impact 2022 tax returns filed in 2023.

The new rule is a result of the American Rescue Plan. The $1.9 trillion stimulus package signed into law in March by President Joe Biden, changed tax reporting requirements for third-party payment networks. It is another way for the Biden Tax Administration to go after people.

Tulsi Gabbard may have outmaneuvered Nancy Pelosi with the new law. “The law was put in place to come down on middle class Americans and leave millionaires like Pelosi untouched. But I got her!” Gabbard said in an exclusive interview with Genesius Times.

It will now require the IRS to review Pelosi’s finances. If the tax agency decides not to review the Speaker’s finances, it will be another government agency that has turned into a lapdog. It remains to be seen what they will do.

The new Green Energy Tax Increasing and Inflation Increasing bill hiding under the name of the Inflation Reduction Act will increase the IRS by 87,000 members. Not all of them will be armed agents. Many of them will be and it’s guaranteed, that all of them will be coming for middle-class tax money.

There should be plenty of IRS accountants available to review the Speaker’s financial history but it is doubtful they will. It is becoming increasingly clear the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies are becoming lapdogs for the Banana Republic known as the United States of America.

If by some miracle, some noble individuals within the IRS do their job they will see questionable investments by Paul Pelosi. He seems lucky enough to be at the head of the curve on all stock market decisions.

He could very well be that good at reading the financial markets. It is possible. However, the fact that his wife serves on the committees that oversee the market questions Paul’s investment skills. Paul’s troubles don’t stop with the market.

He was recently arrested for driving under the influence when he crashed his Porsche on the evening of May 28th in Napa County, California. His blood alcohol content was above the legal limit and he tried using his 11-99 card to influence the outcome of the incident. The 11-99 card is a police donation group.

Paul Pelosi Jr. recently accompanied his mother on a trip to Taiwan as an escort. The reason for his going on the trip is not clear. His disappearance at certain times is controversial because he has investment interests in the locations where he disappeared.

Regardless of the outcome of Gabbard’s attempt to force a review of Pelosi’s finances, the Speaker of the House will continue her questionable activities. Her power grows unchecked within the American government and everyone knows, Biden can do nothing about it.