Here’s how Geоrge Sоrоs worked to squash Hispanic cоnservative voices

While the left has continued to throw a fit over Elon Musk’s measured efforts to allow free speech to thrive on Twitter, the marked disregard over their preferred billionaire backer, George Soros, has lingered as his influence expanded to “silence conservative Hispanic voters.”

A long time in the making, Republicans have worked hard at carving inroads into the Hispanic community, pushing beyond the propaganda of progressives to show how much more aligned their conservative values are as opposed to the party that coined the term, “Latinx.” But, as historic gains have been made pertaining to GOP party affiliation, the Soros-backed Latino Media Network (LMN) was able to complete the purchase of 18 Spanish-language radio stations leaving one former host decrying her beloved station, “is now in the hands of the enemy.”

Lourdes Ubieta is a Venezuelan-born radio personality who left Radio Mambi for Americano Radio after it was announced that LMN had struck a deal to purchase the Spanish-language station. Now that the deal was approved to advance by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last month, Ubieta told the New York Post her opinion of the now-progressive network, “This is going to be a failure — I am 100 percent sure of that.”

“They did this to silence conservative Hispanic voters but it’s not going to work,” she added of the $60 million deal with TelevisaUnivision funded in part by the Soros Fund Management linked firm Lakestar Finance.

Set to be run by Democratic activists Stephanie Valencia and Jess Morales Rocketto, who had worked in President Barack Obama’s White House as well as on his and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, Ubieta said of Mambi, “What breaks my heart is that Radio Mambi, which has always been an icon of freedom, is now in the hands of the enemy.”

As previously reported, she had been joined in ditching the station because of the turnover by Nelson Rubio and Dania Alexandrino who had a record of calling out the influences of Soros and refused to take any money from him. Speaking with the Post as well, Alexandrino said, “The Democrats are master manipulators.”

“They want to silence and censor Hispanic conservative voices. They have a way of telling Democrats are the party of minorities and the party of the poor,” she went on. “They treat Hispanics like victims. I wouldn’t take a penny from them. My dignity is not for sale.”

Florida Republicans including Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. María Elvira Salazar penned a letter to the FCC voicing their concern over the “virtually uncontested influence over nearly one third of all Hispanics across the country” that LMN would obtain in the deal that covered markets in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York and other major cities.

“Far from benign, the proposed sale is the latest in a series of moves by elite progressives desperate to claw back support from Hispanic voters, who have rightly turned their backs on Democrats and their socialist priorities,” they wrote.

Despite the pushback, LMN defended its acquisition and said in a statement, “The stations we acquired in Miami have been institutions serving the Cuban community in South Florida for decades. We believe wholeheartedly in that mission, and we will remain true to that spirit of liberty that has guided them over decades.”

“We also believe in freedom of expression and a free press which values verifiable facts and balance,” they continued. “All points of view will be welcomed and encouraged to debate in the free marketplace of ideas, so our listeners can make informed decisions for themselves and their families.”

Media Research Center director of MRC Latino Jorge Bonilla joined those speaking out against the deal to inject some common sense into ongoing reporting of Big Tech and corporate media working toward suppressing stories.

“There’s a battle for control of information in the Hispanic community and this is a deep strike in that battle but a very ham-handed one,” Bonilla said.

“It’s a desperate move from the left to counter advances made by the Hispanic community,” he said, “which is moving to the right. This is not about countering disinformation. It’s about calling anything that deviates from the standard left line as ‘disinformation.’”

Echoing Ubieta’s sentiment, Bonilla went on, “The establishment of ‘Radio Soros’ as a trusted purveyor of information is critical to the next stage of The Great Spanish-Language Disinformation War we’ve seen unfold over the past few years. As conservative alternatives finally emerge, it remains to be seen whether *this* venture will be successful.”