GOP Senator Nails Biden with Major Accusation – Scott Claims Joe Has Saved $500K by Cheating on His Taxes

What’s Happening:

So, Democrats have spent—let’s see—seven years trying to get Donald Trump’s taxes. They have sued him, issued subpoenas, and gotten the DOJ to go after him. They seem convinced that if they can see Trump’s tax records, they can accuse him of some form of tax fraud.

They better look closer to home, though. While Democrats are launching witch hunt after witch hunter against the GOP, one Republican senator is turning the tables on Biden. And he’s airing an ad accusing him of the very thing Democrats have against 45.

From Daily Caller:

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman Sen. Rick Scott of Florida will release an advertisement Monday night, claiming President Biden has been cheating on his taxes to avoid paying around half a million dollars that should have gone to Medicare…

Scott’s ad bases its claim on reports from a number of media outlets, including the New York Post and Wall Street Journal, which said that when Biden was leaving the vice presidency in 2017, Joe and Jill Biden created two S-corporations, the CelticCapri Corporation (Joe Biden) and Giacoppa Corporation (Jill Biden), through which they funneled their book and speech income.

Okay, so Republican Sen. Rick Scott will be airing an ad claiming Joe Biden has cheated on his taxes. Specifically, that Biden has refused to pay $500,000 that should have gone to Medicare.

Scott lays out the facts, taken from reports by the New York Post and Wall Street Journal. Apparently, Biden and his wife created shell companies after he left his post as vice president. They funneled the income from book sales and speeches through these companies.

They paid full income taxes on their earnings but avoided payroll taxes–2.9% that goes to Medicare and .9% “high income” tax that goes to Obamacare on income claimed to be “profits” from these two companies.

Scott is using this information to accuse Biden of avoiding paying a hefty sum to Medicare. I’m sure Biden and his White House goons will claim all of this is perfectly legal. But is it?

Is it right for a man, like Joe, who has pushed more spending for Medicare and higher taxes to pay for it–to avoid paying his taxes? This is a Democrat who is advocating for Americans to pay more to fund welfare programs like this.

Yet he went out of his way so neither he nor his wife would pay these taxes. Five hundred thousand dollars could go a long way in helping people, right? So, why does Biden refuse to do something that he expects the rest of us to do?

I doubt he has a good answer for that.


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