Epstein victim claimed in unsealed court docs she had copies of blackmail tapes of wealthy associates

Sarah Ransome, one of the alleged victims of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, claimed in newly unsealed court documents that he had made blackmail videos of wealthy European associates and that she has copies of them.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The revelation comes from her deposition in 2017 that was taken as part of fellow alleged victim Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit which was filed against Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to court documents, Ransome was introduced to Epstein in late 2006 by one of his female associates who approached her at a club. She then reportedly traveled to his notorious island in the U.S. Virgin Islands and one of his apartments in New York City.

She claimed during the deposition that Epstein’s psychiatrist started treating her.

“Jeffrey’s psychiatrist prescribed me lithium, Ritalin, and there’s a bipolar description drug that was also prescribed to me by Jeffrey Epstein’s psychiatrist,” she asserted, according to Inside Edition. “I can’t remember the exact name of that bipolar drug. But I was started off with lithium and Ritalin.”

Lithium caused her to gain weight which was evidently intolerable for Epstein. Maxwell reportedly ordered Ransome to maintain her weight at 115 pounds. She was a 5’8″ model.

“Weight was a massive issue for Ghislaine and Jeffrey, so the lithium just didn’t work for me. I mean, I put on weight quite quickly,” Ransome noted.

The weight issue finally came to a head on Epstein’s Little St. James island.

“I can’t remember the specific conversation, how it went. We got into an argument about my weight, quite a heated argument,” she recounted. “I recall it getting overheated and that I ran off and tried to swim off the island. I wanted to get as far away from Jeffrey and Ghislaine as possible.”

A search party eventually brought Ransome back to Epstein.

She contended that Epstein was a control freak who told women how they should look and dress, purchasing them clothes and cosmetics that he approved.

“You know we had to look a certain way for Jeffrey. So if you put on a little bit of weight or, for example, if my hairstyle was wrong — Jeffrey, likes his girls to look a certain way,” Ransome remarked. “So, for example, there was one occasion when Jeffrey didn’t like my hair, and Ghislaine told me to change it .”

“All of the outfits — there were clothes provided on the island by Jeffrey Epstein, which were all Victoria’s Secret clothing: bikinis, nightgowns,” Ransome recalled.

Victoria’s Secret was previously owned by Les Wexner, Epstein’s former client and associate.

Ransome spent six months with Epstein. During that time, she claims he recorded blackmail videos of his associates when they had sex with his harem.


“When my friend had sexual intercourse with [redacted] and [redacted], sex tapes were in fact filmed on each occasion by Jeffrey,” she stated, according to the unsealed emails.

“Thank God she managed to get ahold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes which clearly identify the faces of [redacted] and [redacted] having sexual intercourse with her,” the email added. “Frustratingly enough Epstein was not seen in any of the footage but he was clever like that.”

Ransome went on to say in the email that her friend sent her footage of the threesome sex act. She also said that she had backup copies of the tapes on thumb drives and that they were hidden in multiple European locations. She said that she had told one other person where they were hidden “in case anything happens to me before the footage is released.”

“I will be more than willing to swear under oath and testify in court over these sex tapes,” she remarked in the email, telling the recipient that the video “will break your heart into a million tiny pieces.”


According to the Daily Wire, “It is unclear when this email was written, but it appears to have been written to New York Post reporter Maureen Callahan. In other emails from October 2016 to Callahan, Ransome claims that she had reached out to Russian authorities to publicize her story, that the U.S. government refused to help her, that her fiancee’s life was in danger, and seemed to suggest that the CIA had hacked her emails.”

Ransome stated that her friend went to the police but was “humiliated.” She said that a redacted individual “heavily intimidated her, roughed her up.” She claimed her friend was “1000% certain that the FBI did a cover-up” and that a redacted person had threatened to kill her if she went public with the allegations.

Confusingly, on Oct. 23, 2016, Ransome reversed course and wrote Callahan that she would “like to retract everything I have said to you and walk away from this.” She ended that email by commenting, “I wish you the best of luck on catching Epstein and company.”

Ransome also previously claimed that she had been forced to have sex with high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz. He adamantly denied it. She dropped her lawsuit against him in November.