Donald Trump would carry Missouri if he runs in 2024, exclusive polling finds

While former president Donald Trump has publicly flirted with the idea of running for president once again in 2024, exclusive polling obtained by KRCG 13 finds more than half of Missourians would vote for him.

SurveyUSA once again asked voters who they would vote for in 2024 in a potential matchup between Trump and President Joe Biden, the results of which remain largely unchanged, though ticking up slightly. Today, Trump leads Biden by 17 points, with 52% voting for Trump to 35% voting for Biden.

Two months ago, Trump led Biden by 16 points. Four months ago, he led by 15 points.

The polling, released Tuesday, also measured the approval ratings of a few other politicians, including President Biden. Nearly half of all respondents said they “strongly disapprove” of the president’s performance, at 49%. Another 13% said they “somewhat disapprove” of the president’s performance, and just 34% said they approve of the president.

While Missourians still largely disapprove of President Joe Biden, his performance has improved since SurveyUSA last polled on the president, with his approval rating climbing up four points.

Governor Mike Parson’s performance is somewhat split down the middle between approval and disapproval. Forty-five percent of respondents said they approve of his performance, while 40% said they disapproved.

Similarly, opinions were divided on Senator Josh Hawley, with 40% approving of the senator and 39% disapproving.