CREEPY: Video Shows Huge Flock of Sheep Walking Around in Circles for 12 Straight Days in China

A new video released by Chinese state owned media bizarrely shows sheep walking around sinisterly in a circle. It’s odd as hell, kind of like Democrats.

The insane thing is the sheep in a flock have been walking in circles for 12 straight days now. With no rhyme or reason.

The owner of the sheep, Ms. Miao, told the Chinese Daily that her sheep were perfectly healthy and she has no clue as to why they are doing these bizarre acts.


Mia reveled that not all of her sheep are walking in a circle, but only the ones which are contained in a pen numbered 13.

Back in 2021, a similar incident occurred in the United Kingdom.

The Sun reported, Christopher Hogg, of the Uk noticed sheep in a formation of a UFO located in a field near the village of Rottingdean.

Hogg also noted, usually, when he passed the sheep they would be noisy, but on this particular day, they were quiet and in a trance like state.

What are the sheep possibly telling humans?