BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders US Marshals to Arrest True the Vote Founders Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips

What you are now seeing in the United States of America is absolute tyranny at its finest. This is a weaponized justice system and Department of Justice that is specifically and deliberately targeting their political rivals and opponents.


Make no mistake about it, the Biden Regime is firmly behind this attack on free press, free speech, and of course trying to silence those that pose the biggest threat to expose them.

According to Investigative Reporter Ivory Hecker:

Breaking: As ordered by Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt, US Marshals have just taken into custody True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips for contempt of court, due to their refusal to release the name of a confidential informant.

The judge has now ordered Englebrecht and Phillips to be held in custody for a day or more, until they bring forth the information they are withholding. They are protecting a source and whistleblower for the record, and what the judge is doing is despicable and technically criminal.

Judge says he never got a straight answer on who was in the Dallas hotel room January, 2021, and he doesn’t know how many people were there. Judge says the way Phillips and Engelbrecht talked suggests True the Vote did have access to the hacked computer data, though they deny it.

This is like something the Stasi would do in Nazi Germany folks, unreal what we’re seeing in American right now. This is a developing story. Make sure you’re following Ivory Hecker on Twitter, YouTube, and GETTR to stay updated, and we’ll keep you updated here on her reporting.