BIG TELL: Obama Snubs Desperate Democrats and Refuses Campaign Requests from Dozens of Desperate Democrats – Sees What’s Coming

Obama sees what’s coming and doesn’t want to be a part of it.

Democrats are in trouble. Their policies are disastrous. The economy is in collapse. Crime is out of control. The situation is dire.

As Steve Bannon says, this is a BIG TELL.

The only thing Democrats have going for them is the fraud.

Requests for Barack Obama are pouring in from Democrats around the country – candidates are desperate for his help in what they feel is an existential midterms battle, one in which each race could help determine control of Congress and governments in the states.

To these candidates, American democracy itself is on the line. And while Obama agrees with them on the stakes, many of those invitations are about to get turned down.

More than a dozen advisers and others who have spoken with Obama say the former president’s approach in the fall campaign will remain limited and careful. That cautious approach comes as Obama tells people his presence fires up GOP opposition just as much as it lights up supporters, that he has more of an impact if he does less and that he can’t cloud out the up-and-coming generation of Democrats.