ACLU Files Yet Another Lawsuit to Try to a Stop Hand Count in Nye County Nevada.

This is not what innocent people do.

The ACLU of Nevada is trying again to thwart a hand count in Nye County, Nevada? Why? Because apparently they find the idea of checking the work by hand as an unconstitutional threat to democracy, or some cheating cover up bullshit like that. I shouldn’t have to point out how ridiculous (and guilty) that looks….but political corruption in Nevada is nothing new. Not a single good candidate from either party won their seat in an election whose counting stretched on for days until the establishment got all the lackies in they wanted. The guy Republicans didn’t even endorse at their own convention Joe Lombardo “won” Governor despite being so hated he was getting booed in public because he’s also the same corrupt Sheriff that covered up the Las Vegas shooting for the FBI. Oh yea…whatever happened with that story? Spoiler alert, it was our government…all the proof is here in this full length documentary:

Pray for us out here in Nevada, we have no recourse as those that would be in charge of investigating election fraud are sitting in their seats because of it. Unless you want to tell me it’s “normal” for a corrupt 4-time arrested attorney general to “win” re-election after causing statewide crime waves due to his pro-criminal policies.